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When it comes to traveling, someone always seems to have some sort of nightmarish story of the worst travel experience of their life: they were seated next to a screaming baby on a flight that was delayed 4 hours and then their luggage was lost, etc. etc. I definitely did not have a nightmare plane ride today as I rode from Boston, MA, to Dublin, Ireland, on flight EIO 136 at 6pm today, but it was no easy ride either.

I board the plane carrying my small carry-on and purse and begin walking down the aisles to find my seat - from what I can see I am the only person from Elon on the entire plane. Of course as I'm walking to my seat, the first pair of mildly attractive young gentlemen I encounter witness as I get my carry-on caught not once, not twice, but three times as I attempt desperately to roll in nonchalantly down the aisle, tripping over it the whole way. I finally just pick the damn thing up and carry it down the rest of the plane until I get to my assigned seat.
If there's one thing I hate, it's assigned seats on a plane - you just have no chance to sit next to someone completely normal and quiet and small. As I come to my seat, praying for a decent seat-mate, I look down at this human being that will be crowding into my personal bubble for the next 7 hours and I can't even tell if it is a man or a woman. There seems to be hair growing where a woman shouldn't have hair, but there are also curves where a man shouldn't have curves...And when I attempted to ask them where they were from - it GRUNTED at me. No verbal response. Just a strange look and a grunt. I don't even know how to go about handling this situation so I just sit down and read my book, 50 Shade of Grey (which I am still deliberating if I like or not; I'll get back to that once I've finished it). Eventually I did end up with a pair of seats to myself when the flight attendant announced that there were extra seats available on the plane and I booked it away from my strange little corner. But even in my breakout, I could not escape The Farter. I don't know who this guy was, but he was sitting very near me and farted the WHOLE time we were on the plane. Every 30 minutes or so I could smell that horrible, rancid stench and I just wanted to punch whoever thought it was acceptable to fart in an enclosed area. You just can't get away from that shit. Literally.

And of course, since I was about to embark on the biggest journey I've ever been on, there HAD to be something wrong with the plane that caused a 2-hour delay. We literally sat on the runway for 2 hours as they pumped up the air in the plane tires. They must have just been using their damn mouths to pump up the tires for all the time it took. But I have to say, when a captain apologizes to you in a nice, thick, Irish brogue, how could you possibly stay mad?

Normally I'm a big sleeper on planes (or anything, really), but how could I possibly sleep on my way to Europe??? Instead I kept myself entertained with the in-flight movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (excellent movie for anyone who is considering watching it). And right in the middle of my movie they brought my dinner: a perfect combination of tiny plane food that I love only because it is so miniature and cute. (The woman two rows next to me loved the miniature plane food as well but I think she was much more of a fan of the miniature plane vodka bottles...)

Finally we land! I am in Europe!!! Customs is easy to get through since we are one of the first flights to land for the day and as I walk to the food court and greeting area, I spy 3 people in FIE t-shirts waiting for my group's arrival. It's around 8am Ireland time at this point (3am my time - still no sleep) and the 3 other Elon students and I that have arrived so far have to wait for about 10 more people to show up before we can load the first bus. We end up waiting till about 9:40 and FINALLY we grab our luggage and head out to the bus that is waiting to take us to our new homes for the next 20 weeks in the heart of Dublin...

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